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Create the Ideal Customer Persona to Sell More

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Just having a great product or service & a proactive sales team doesn’t guarantee you sales. You need to be selling to the right audience, for transactions to actually happen. And to do that… you need to know who your target audiences really are. A customer persona gives you just that.


It’s a profiling of the kind of people you think are or will be your customers. It may consist of information such as the target audience’s age, gender, education, country, designation, hobbies, usual active hours; even whether he’s a dog or a cat person 🙂

Why a Customer Persona?

Simply because you don’t want to spend your time & efforts in selling to someone who’s just not interested or incapable to accept your offer. It’s like selling a car to college students! Selling alcohol to someone who’s just not into drinking. Or offering a steak to someone who’s vegan.


Rather than going by your instincts, try to gather as much information about your target audiences as possible. Always go with facts & proven figures. This will really widen your reach to a lot of untapped audiences & attract the ideal customers who’d want to buy, not the ones expect to buy.

How a Customer Persona will Help?

It helps you design your products & campaigns that your target audience connects with. Preparing a customer persona also gives you detailed insights on your target audience, their behavior, their needs etc.


If you have the right customer persona, you will also be able to send personalized sales pitches to your prospects which will have higher chances of conversion.

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