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8 CRM Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

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A smartly implemented CRM helps streamline your sales pipeline, improve efficiency, boost your customer satisfaction ratings & build a long-lasting relationship with your customers… eventually resulting in more sales. Having a CRM also makes sure, you figure out who your valuable customers are & you have enough data to acquire more such customers over time.


However, implementing a CRM hasn’t always turned out to be game-changing for all businesses. A lot of factors need to be taken into account before you take the plunge. One wrong step could result in things going worse than before.

Here are some mistakes that may result in CRM failure:

1. No Leadership

Senior management should always be the trendsetters in using a CRM & show others the way. It’s their job to set the strategies right, coach their teams & get the best out of the CRM. Passing a new CRM over directly to the middle management without any supervision is a recipe for disaster.


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