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3 Classic Sales Barriers To Business Growth

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It can cost you upto four times more to win a new customer than to hold on to an existing one. The amount you are paying OUT, long before they start paying YOU, can be scary.


Don’t make excuses while making sales. Your company needs sales to survive. It’s always a challenge to do sales and keep the customers for a long time. But don’t let those challenges stop you.

Below are 3 of the most common sales challenges every business faces and how to work around them.


#1. Difficulty in Prospecting & Qualifying Leads:

More than 37% of sales folks find it hard to build a connection with prospects.

Most salespeople say, “Get me in front of the client and I will close!” but how does one get this opportunity if they haven’t prospected properly and filled their pipeline with qualified leads in the first place? Is it possible to get new clients without having qualified leads and proper prospecting?


Well, it doesn’t happen. In order to find new prospects, the easiest and most effective way is to obtain referrals from your existing clientele. If you have already exploited your existing network for new business referrals, you need to start cold calling.

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